muk muk

wanna mumbling about animal
well, i used to have 20 + hamsters!
don't ask me how i take care of them, cause most of the time, that's not my role-instead belongs to abah
sayang abah!
sampai la 1 minggu tu, abah g outstation, and me, of course kat upm, aku dengan seoptimis yang mungkin thinking that my little sister might take care of them...
but at last...
after 2 weeks, aku pn balik rumah, x silap aku aku x balik sangat waktu tu sebab musim exam, and guess what i figure out??

my hamsters are dead!

tinggal 3 ekor je-miumiutih, muk muk, and lagi satu aku tak bagi nama sebab aku x suka-coz he bite me once! urgh! kenapa la bukan yang itu yang mati? adeh.. belum sampai ajal kot
actually im not totally sad because of that as my beloved hamster-muk muk still alive
but pretty upset adik aku tu gila pemalas tak bagi hamster aku makan!
sabar je la...

SYIRA mmg kejam!

ZARA takut...
comel kan muka dia?


BEE BEE nama diberi
ini nama kucing diatas tau!
that hand belongs to daddy
love you daddy!
actually it's has own meaning in bahasa thailand, tapi aku ni bukan ilmuan bahasa, lupa nak tanya kat Werat @ mummy @ daddy apa maksudnya
my bad...
BEE BEE sangat la manja, specially dengan mummy and Werat
dia macam ada sedikit darah gemuruh bila berdamping dengan ku..
(p/s : aku rasa dia ada baca profil juvana aku yg pernah hampir-hampir melemaskan anak kucing dalam kolah air atok aku kot!tapi waktu tu aku baru tadika)
well, aku sebenarnya rindu kat BEE BEE ni
even aku rasa dia bersyukur tak jumpa aku selalu da
sebab tu aku mencoret post pasal beliau

BEE BEE, bella rindu kat you!

BEE BEE's current location : SINGAPORE



30 january 2009

alone in my room, thinking about YOU! when i looked at you, hear the smile in your voice, gosh! i never thought i’m with you!

sunshine, i think, talk to myself, and thinking back… it’s incredible, how you listen and take it in stride, all my craziness! sorry for that sunshine…

whatever words i say, remember that i’ll always love you. it’s just my badness! and i’m thinking back all those days that we spend together… we creep towards closeness, and then take a break, it feels good, seriously!i love thinking that we may never ever kiss, just get closer, and closer to the moment… taking smaller and smaller steps as we approach infinity.. yucks! that sounds mathematically is it?? haha.. like do i care!

if i could, i would prolong this forever : the butterflies in my stomach, our awkward smiles, keep that shake inside…

i want you to know, whenever i’m alone with you, you make me feel like im a whole again, the empty hole inside me dissappeared with every touch you gave to me, and now, i’m asking myself…

are you thinking of me now??

can we spend time together forever??

i don’t know the answer, you tell me… but if you are, i’ll revel in it!

“i see trees of green, red roses too, i see them bloom, for me and you, and i think to myself, what a wonderful world…”

you know this song?? this how you always made me feel. such i’m living in a wonderful world!

despite the place that i’m now in, this corner of my life that tells where i’ve been… my love for you, there is no doubt!